About Us

Fun fact: Did you know that ripe bananas uniquely glow bright indigo beneath UV lights? We at TruNorthservices.com thought this to be a perfect way to explain how a healthy person should be, glowing from the inside out!

Our services center around what are known as the Four Exhilarations:
Nutritional Intervention
Stress Reduction (Meditation, Journaling, Aromatherapy, Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Music therapy and massage
Physical Fitness (Yoga, Low Impact Cardio, Strength Training)
Proper Rest

Clients receive personal and confidential consultations to develop a custom health and wellness plan.


Some insurance plans pay for nutritional counseling and we are happy to help you see if your plan has this benefit.

Financing is available. We also have a variety of payment options to fit any budget as well as an occasional promotional on Groupon.

Come see us and let us help you find your inner glow!